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Why Test?

1.7 million+ Americans receive Cancer diagnosis each year
5-10% of all cancers have a hereditary aspect

Who should be tested?

Patients whose genetic condition could put them at risk for other cancers or conditions.
Patients with a personal history or a first degree relative with history of inherited cancers.
Ethnicity associated with higher mutation frequency (i.e.: Ashkenazi Jewish, Icelandic, Swedish, Hungarian).
Screening provides you and your patient with information regarding their reproductive risks and how their children may be impacted. By knowing each parent’s genetic risks, families can understand the chance that a child may or may not be affected by certain hereditary conditions that run in the family.
Fast and Afordable Carrier Screening using Next Generation Sequencing

What information does this test provide?

A negative test can reassure your patient that there is a reduced risk of having a child with a genetic disorder.
A positive test allows your patient the chance to pursue reproductive options that can reduce the chance of having an affected child.
1800Med Test Partner Labs use the latest technology in Next Generation Sequencing(NGS) to analyze a patients DNA, Providing comprehensive reports of genetic mutations and risk factors. The ordering Doctor, supported by our genetic counselors and able to formulate a screening protocol to address finding and ensure long term health.
Awareness of risk allows the patient and doctor to take a proactive approach and develop a specific monitoring program.


Patients with personal history of cancer Patients with family history of cancer Patients with family history of early onset cancer


Pharmacogenetics is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. This relatively new field allows us to combine pharmacology and genomics to develop effective and safe medication dosages which are specific to an individual’s DNA makeup. This means minimizing side effects from the drugs! At present there are over 770,000 injuries or deaths due to drug reactions per year in the United States. Pharmacogentics gives us the promise of significantly lowering this number.


The purpose of pharmacogenomic testing is to find out if a medication is right for you. A small blood or saliva sample can help determine:
Whether a medication may be an effective treatment for you
What the best dose of a medication is for you
Whether you could have serious side effects from a medication

Why is pharmacogenetics important?

When initiating drug therapy to treat a particular condition, healthcare practitioners typically prescribe one of several appropriate drugs. Dosages and timing of drugs are usually based upon the anticipated rate of metabolism and clearance from the body in the average person. They prescribe a “standard” dose based on factors such as weight, sex, and age. Clinically, however, each person responds uniquely to treatment and healthcare practitioners must make adjustments. For example, the healthcare practitioner may adjust the drug dose or switch to a different therapy, depending on whether the person’s condition is responding to the medication and whether the individual is experiencing unpleasant or dangerous side effects. Sometimes a person may find that a treatment that has been working well suddenly causes symptoms when that person starts taking an additional drug. Pharmacogenetic testing for a specific gene is only performed once since a person’s genetic makeup does not change over time. Depending on the medication, a single gene may be ordered or multiple genes may be ordered. Testing may be ordered prior to starting specific drug therapies or if a person who has started taking a drug is experiencing side effects or having trouble establishing and/or maintaining a stable dose. Sometimes a person may not experience such issues until other medications that affect the metabolism or action of the drug in question are added or discontinued. The cost of pharmacogenomics testing varies depending on which test is ordered and your health insurance coverage.

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Personalized Results

Understand what medications will work best for you and your genetic makeup with a personalized interactive report

Improve Drug Regimens

Discover if current medications are working as safely and effectively as they should

Reduce Risks

Reduce risk of harmful drug-to-drug interactions and adverse drug events

Faster Response + Remission

Learn what medication and dosage is most effective, reduces recovery time and results in fewer trial-and-error events

Save Money

Effective drug therapy+ speedy recovery= fewer physician visits and less money spent on medical expenses

Discuss Results with Other Providers

Each report gives you 3 months of free online access to SafeTRx! Using the activation code & GeneDose Key from your report, patients may create a free SafeTRx account, allowing you to securely share results with your other providers and record medication or lifestyle changes as they occur.


Personalized Medicine is one of the fasting growing fields in medicine &  1800MedTest Partner Lab is proud to offer you and your provider the most comprehensive view into the field. Our Personalized Medicine program uses your genetics, background, and habits to create a unique & effective approach to guide you toward your wellness goals.

Many patients wonder if their new prescription will be the answer to their health needs. But Personalized Medicine has the power to answer that question before you spend any more time or money searching for answers. Much like your genetics determined your eye color, your genetics can determine your response to a medication. Why not avoid medications likely to be ineffective or make you suffer from unnecessary side effects 1800MedTest Partner Labs’ Pharmacogenetic Testing is here to give you the answers you’ve been searching for. We stand behind our results


1800MedTest will provide you with the information you need to quickly identify susceptibility to certain cancers and implications for therapeutic drugs. Crestar’s goal is to offer…

The data you need

Understandable and educational reports…no need for genetics background Concise reports focus on detected pathogenic variants & actionable results for the individual Actionable results offer provider insight in addition to Follow-up Recommendations

The Technology you can trust

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) eliminates ambiguities at every locus compared to other methods Constant monitoring of the latest discoveries to provide the best and most current information Results examined & signed by PhD/MD with Specialty in Genetics

The support you’ve been looking for

Prompt turnaround time Friendly, accessible staff Access to Genetic Counseling Reports easily accessed from Crestar’s web-based Provider Portal Highly trained staff Testing covered by most insurance carriers


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