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  • $500 to become a Pool Member licensee. $500 is due at the start of every Pool start date.
  • Pool are finite for 90 or 120 days days with option for renew based on pool members decision.
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May Pool is coming. Submit your inquiry below. Limited Spots.

Note: Results may vary and there are no guarantees of results

CGX pool program
We have a unique leveraged marketing program for the medical industry. Every business you start has a traditional approach of trading time for money. With our exclusive program you merely trade money for money.

We will take a group of team members with a managing partner for the pool. The team members are responsible for the capital to leverage our marketing efforts. With our CGX pool we utilize the power of street team marketing. The leveraged marketing will support our location costs enabling our team to generate business. We will be utilizing the expertise of all parties to build a sustainable process.

For cancer genome testing……..10,000 people will turn 65 EVERY SINGLE DAY BETWEEN NOW & 2029. Sadly, many of them will be getting cancer……….which is currently absolutely overwhelming the medical system. We focus on prevention and education. Prevention is the best medicine. Education is power and ammunition and we all know your health is your wealth.

The pool will share the profits. We Accept 15 team members with a budget of 500 per member. Here is an outline of the projected profits for the pool.
15 members x 500 will cover the cost of the pool Marketing.

Projected profits

Estimates only **

$1853 per pool member for the first month

2 tests a day = $3813 per member per month

3 test a day = $5773 per pool member per month

We have not accounted for the Carrier test nor PGX

Results may vary and there are no guarantees of results.


Genetic Testing just became Routine for Patients with Advanced Cancers. Precision Medicine has Finally Arrived !

Medical Business Opportunity

THIS YEAR, NEARLY 1.7 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer.

  • The cancer diagnostics market will be worth $13.1 billion by 2020 alone, and over $156 billion by 2024!
  • Termendous Earning Potential
  • Our Business Opportunitu Proides Medical Test focuses on Disease Prevention and is covered by most Insurance companies,
  • Recommended by many leading medical authorities and our focus is the Primary Care Office.

Start a medical lead-generation referral business that brings together patients and solutions in this ever-growing market !

What is the CGX Test?

A simple Non-Invasive Cheek Swab

Those who are carriers of hereditary cancer gene mutations, may be at risk of developing cancer earlier in life, as compared to members of the general population. The sooner genetic testing is performed, the more likely it is that this increased risk can be managed appropriately.

Getting Screened ->
Assist in Early detection of Cancer

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) eliminates ambiguities at every locus compared to other methods
  • Constant monitoring of the latest discoveries to provide the best and most current information
  • Results examined & signed by PhD/MD with Specialty in Genetics
  • Prompt turnaround time
  • Friendly, accessible staff
  • Access to Genetic Counseling Reports easily accessed from 1800MedTest Lab web-based Provider Portal Highly trained staff Testing covered by most insurance carriers

Why Test?

1.7 million+ Americans receive Cancer diagnosis each year
5-10% of all cancers have a hereditary aspect
Screenings lead to prevention, early diagnosis, & improved outcomes

Your Medical Test / Diagnostics Company Advantage

1800MedTest Partner Labs will provide your clients with the information you need to quickly identify susceptibility to certain cancers and implications for therapeutic drugs.

Genetic Testing Provides

Diagnosis of certain clinical conditions
Guidance regarding disease prognosis
Insights for risk of family members
Implications for therapeutic drugs

Panel vs. Single Gene Analysis

Increased genomic coverage
Evaluate all known contributing genes
Increased clinical & cost effectiveness
Increased Quality-adjusted Life Years

Main Business Benefits

  • promote and connects innovative medical tests services, and products with end customers or medical providers for enhancing people health

  • create awareness for Early detection disease screening tests while educating and providing essential medical services for patients, people and physicians in the USA! Grow your Medical Lead generation referral Service Business!

  • we strive to provide those health awareness and early detections tests with little or no cost to the customer.

  • Educate people with disposition to cancer while earn income doing it!

  • Your marketing team and marketing campaigns will be educating people about the importance of Early detection of cancer using genetic testing (CGX will be your Flagship test product)

What Do We Provide?

By utilizing 1800MedTest business Opp you can open a flourishing medical lead generation referral service serving a crucial need in educating people about Early detection of cancer and additional medical tests and innovative medical products and services.

We Offer significant financial compensation for each test submitted via our Medical Management Flat fee Referral System for all Medical Test generated via your company.

1800MedTest is a Marketing & Management company; aligned with leaders in clinical laboratory testing and diagnostics. Our Partner Labs are leaders and innovators in pharmacogenetic testing, molecular diagnostics, and cancer genomics.

Our individualized testing solutions provide clinical value by improving patient care, therapeutic response, and increased patient satisfaction. We are inspired to create change in healthcare as physician partners & patient advocates.

This is a business opp that not only can reward you for building a marketing business with low cost and overhead but will provide essential benefits and value for the customer/patient.

How it Works?

  • #1

    Choose a licensing Option. Signup. Read. Get Training on the Business!

  • #2

    Start Online/Offline proven Marketing Strategies!

  • #3

    Collect Revenues /Foster leaders in your company

    Grow your income and Business services!
    Have a trusted partner focusing on ensuring your business and medical referral test are submitted and processed correctly and efficiently.

Keys for Success !

  • Follow our Program closely.

  • Focus and dedication. Hard work always pays off!

  • Be proactive and generate partnerships and referral sources while following all rules and regulations.

  • Collect Revenues /Foster leaders in your company Grow your income and Business services! Have a trusted partner focusing on ensuring your business and medical referral test are submitted and processed correctly and efficiently.

  • Generate and increase your referral sources every day! always ask for referrals and business when appropriate.

Business Opportunity Licensing Options


  • Bonus:  + 10% override from any test generated from your referrals/ new owners businesses.
  • If you have any questions, please let us know! We look forward for having you start this great business!